Parag Jain

PhD student
University of Edinburgh
Interested in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

You can reach me via Email: *remove numbers

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I am a PhD student at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. My advisor is Prof. Mirella Lapata and my research area is natural language processing. I’m also a part of the CDT in NLP. I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad with an M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering where I was advised by Prof. Vineeth N Balasubramanian. In 2012, I graduated from Jabalpur Engineering College with a B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering.


  • Research Engineer at IBM Research, Bangalore (Aug 2016 - Aug 2019)

  • Software Engineer at Amazon (July 2015 -Aug 2016)

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Main Conferences and Journals

Workshop and Demo Papers


Talks and Tutorial

  • Storytelling from Structured Data and Knowledge Graphs : An NLG Perspective, Tutorial ACL 2019 [Website]

  • Introduction to Machine Learning - Christ University Bangalore, 2018

  • Generating Descriptions from Structured Data NAACL 2018 [Video]

  • Talk on Online Metric learning (IBM Research Bangalore, 2016) [Slides]


  • Tutor for Natural Language Understanding, Generation, and Machine Translation, University of Edinburgh (2020-2021)

  • TA for Numerical Linear Algebra for Data Analysis (CS5270, 2015), IIT Hyderabad

  • TA for Introduction to Database Management Systems (CS3010/CS3011, 2014), IIT Hyderabad

  • TA for Advanced Compiler Design (CS6240, 2014), IIT Hyderabad

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