I am a PhD student at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. My research area is natural language processing.

You can reach me via Email  : parag.jain@ed.ac.uk



  • I will be attending EACL 2023. :)
  • Internship offer from Google Research (Mountain View).
  • Paper accepted at EACL'23.
  • (July 2022) Attended student networking and presentations event at The Alan Turing Institute London.
  • (June 2022) Talk at APMCS Conference (virtually).
  • (2022) Attending ACL virtually.
  • I'm now on Twitter :) @jparag123
  • (2021) Presented our TACL work at EMNLP 2021.
  • Paper accepted at IKDD CODS 2021.


I am a PhD student at CDT in NLP, University of Edinburgh. My advisor is Prof. Mirella Lapata and my research area is natural language processing. My current focus is on discourse processing for conversational semantic parsing. I am interested in investigating how to represent interaction context (i.e., discourse) in tandem with task dependent context, how to learn such representation automatically, and how to effectively use such representation for end task.

Before this, I was a research engineer at IBM Research. At IBM, I worked on structured data to text generation. Our focus was on developing systems which are scalable and controllable. We presented a tutorial at ACL 2019 on this topic. I also worked as a software engineer at Amazon for a year.

I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad with an M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering where I was advised by Prof. Vineeth N Balasubramanian. At IITH, I worked on Metric Learning in a streaming data setup. To avoid heavy computation as data arrives, we proposed unsupervised information theoretic metric learning and an incremental version of diffusion maps. I also worked with Dr TVS Udaya Bhaskar on ocean 🌊 biome classification by learning a distance metric for clustering.

I got my undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Jabalpur Engineering College where I enjoyed building line () following robots and configuring routers.

When I am not in working, I enjoy listening to Indian Classical Music or play violin 🎻.


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Semantic Parsing / Dialog

Structured data to text

Controllable text generation

Machine Learning

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Talks and Tutorial

  • (Invited Talk) Conversational Semantic Parsing - Online International. Conference. On. Advances in Physical, Mathematical and Computational Sciences, India - 2022

  • Storytelling from Structured Data and Knowledge Graphs : An NLG Perspective, Tutorial ACL 2019 [Website]

  • Introduction to Machine Learning - Christ University Bangalore, 2018

  • Generating Descriptions from Structured Data NAACL 2018 [Video]

  • Talk on Online Metric learning (IBM Research Bangalore, 2016) [Slides]


  • Tutor for Natural Language Understanding, Generation, and Machine Translation, University of Edinburgh (2020-2021)

  • TA for Numerical Linear Algebra for Data Analysis (CS5270, 2015), IIT Hyderabad

  • TA for Introduction to Database Management Systems (CS3010/CS3011, 2014), IIT Hyderabad

  • TA for Advanced Compiler Design (CS6240, 2014), IIT Hyderabad